About Us


Our story

Design and Build is a design and construction company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Our goal is to produce and implement fast, economical, reliable and appropriate solutions.

ince 2010 we have been with our group company specializing in construction and building materials. We have accomplished many projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Balkan region and Eastern Europe.

Design and Build, as the name implies, has two main service areas. We carry out architectural and engineering design works, traditional construction methods and light and heavy steel application works. What makes us different is; to develop and implement projects in a fast, reliable and convenient way.

We are together with Acon Design and Management Company, which has realized many golobal projects in architectural and engineering projects.

For  construction and steel production and application, we are together with Acon Steel, which has completed many successful projects in the field.

Our services

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Project development

We serve you with our team of experts in project development. From soil analysis to formal procedures, we are at your side in all stages of project development.

Architectural and Engineering Design

2D architectural project drawings, 3D visual studies, electrical, mechanical, security and so on. We provide all project drawings services. We also provide construction, static and structural engineering services.

Steel and Construction

Under the umbrella term "light and heavy steel structures" we offer construction of residences, offices, public buildings, resorts and public housing projects. In heavy steel structures; factories, hangars, warehouses, sports halls and hotel complexes. Whether you need a single building or a building complex projecting functionality and aesthetic integrity, we are always a safe choice and we provide delivery on time.

Our branches and offices

Along with our Bosnia-Herzegovina-based DB office, we also provide service with our Montenegro and Austrian branches.

We provide the best service in industry​

Get to know our professional team closely. We provide service from A to Z in every field you need, from design to production, from application to furniture and textile production.